Groceries and home furnishings are still leading eCommerce growth.

Ecommerce Growth: Groceries & Home Furnishings Lead

There are a large number of grocery and home furnishing shopping takes place in physical stores but now most of the experts gave a green flag for converting physical stores into online websites. As conversion of traditional stores into eCommerce websites will bring a drastic change in the online market.

According to new research by the Food Marketing Institute in the United States, online shopping could grow up to $100 billion by 2025.

Building an eCommerce website made things a lot easier and time-saving as many users rely on buying things online and the deliveries can easily get to their doorstep.

Now users just have to search for the groceries they want and add them to the cart through an online app. To make the payment process easier, various features such as online payment such as UPI and debit/card made these applications highly in demand.  

Home-furnishing things are now also available online and make it easy for those users to buy things online who can’t to go the traditional market for buying things.

Electronics are one of the largest categories that come in home furnishing, people go for online websites as the prices have some differences as compared to the traditional market.

For a comprehensive e-commerce website management, rely on custom ecommerce development services to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Benefits of Making an Online Website

  • Inventory and Order Management: Making an eCommerce website helps in maintaining the inventory and its management. Users can also set a notification alert by updating the settings so that they can get the notification alert when the product comes in stock automatically.
  • More Convenient: In traditional grocery stores, customers have to stand in a queue for a long time. The grocery eCommerce website can be very useful for utilizing time as it becomes easier for users to order things anytime. 
  • Analyzing consumer behavior: The best thing that the grocery eCommerce industry can consistently do is analyze the consumer’s behavior. After opening a website you should collect useful information about every user like their interests and preferences. 
  • Increase in Customer Loyalty: One of the important elements is customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is crucial and requires effort. Providing personalized experiences is key to increasing loyalty.
  • Decreasing Overhead: One of the biggest challenges for an offline grocery business is finding the right employees. While it’s important to have sufficient staff to run the store, paying them a wage can increase overhead costs. However, developing a feature-rich, scalable, and trustworthy eCommerce website can help reduce overhead costs in the long run.

Things to Consider Before Starting  an Online Website

To Start online grocery or home-furnishing sales, you have to go through various competitive data for a better understanding of the customer’s need and other aspects too.

  • Select a better business model 
  • Creating a roadmap to make the business model into proper working
  • Determining the target market 
  • Divide the delivery regions
  • Competitor analysis

Global E-Grocery Trends

The top market for grocery eCommerce is South Korea, where sales account for up to 16.6% of the fast-moving consumer goods market (FMCG). Here is a list of 10 markets and their estimated eCommerce share in the FMCG market:

  1. South Korea- 16.6%
  2. Japan- 7.2%
  3. U.K- 6.9%
  4. France- 5.3%
  5. Taiwan- 5.2%
  6. China- 4.2%
  7. Czech Republic- 2.1%
  8. Spain- 1.7%
  9. Netherlands- 1.7%
  10. United States- 1.4%

Shoppers Accepting eCommerce

More than any other group, millennial shoppers are more interested in buying groceries and home furnishings online. According to a new study by Calvis Insight, 66% of millennials now shop from online grocery stores weekly, 69% shop for health and wellness products at least once a month, and 25% make weekly purchases of pet food online.

Mobile Marketing Matters

To attract millions of users at the same time, grocery and home-furnishing retailers should provide a smooth mobile-friendly experience to their users. In general, many shoppers today are looking for sales and coupons on their mobile phones before going to the stores.


Consuming Groceries and selecting home-furnishing items is one of the human basic needs therefore, launching an eCommerce website is the best idea in the current dynamics.

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