Cool your space with a small room AC in your budget

small room air conditioner

Air conditioners are the top options for people wanting to beat the harsh summer heat. But when it comes to buying air conditioners, size does matter. If the air conditioner is too big for the room, then it might cool the space too fast. Also, it might not remove the humidity from the air, eliminating the ultimate reason for using the air conditioner. 

On the contrary, small ac for room will struggle to cool the room and maintain a comfortable temperature. The most important aspect to keep in mind while buying air conditioners is that they should be enough for the room they serve. Rooms that are 100 to 150 square feet in size can easily accommodate 1-ton air conditioners. Bigger rooms require 1.5 or 2-ton air conditioners.

The amount of sunlight that enters the room will also affect its cooling capacity. For instance, if the room has a window or door in the north direction, it might get more heat and sunlight. Improving the AC capacity by at least 10% for appropriate cooling is mandatory in this case. Also, homes on the top floors of the apartment demand a bigger AC as their cooling requirements are also higher. 

Why should you choose a small AC for room?

The smallest tonnage in air conditioners is 1 ton. There are some brands that offer air conditioners with 0.8-ton cooling capacity. Air conditioning units that come with a 0.5-ton capacity belong to the portable variety. For fixed units, such as split and window ac, the most appropriate tonnage is 1 ton. A one-ton AC is capable of releasing 12,00 BTUs of heat in an hour, and it consumes less power, approximately 3.5 kw. 

They cost lower than air conditioners of higher capacity and are sufficient to cool a room of up to 150 sq. ft. The small split air-conditioners are energy efficient and come up with lower electricity bills than other AC types. There are also window air conditioning units available at this tonnage and within budget. 

But after making the decision to buy a small ac for room, it is a wise choice to go with the inverter ACs. Because normal AC will switch ON and cool the room within 15 minutes. Then the motor and compressor will switch off. The room will start heating up, and this will switch ON the motor and compressor again to cool the room in 10 minutes. When this ON and OFF mechanism continues, it places a big strain on the AC, getting its components to wear out faster.

So it is better to look for a small room AC with an inverter to run the motor and compressor at a steady speed throughout the day. It will also cool the room as required. 

Buying an air conditioner on EMI

Buying an Air conditioner to keep your family comfortable should be hurting your budget. Funding an air conditioner on EMI is the best option to address both issues. Buying top-brand air conditioners on EMI at credible stores like Cmiestore is possible. There are also no-cost EMI options available to add more value to the money spent on the appliance. It makes it easy to repay the debt in manageable chunks. 


  1. Will buying an AC on EMI affect my credit score?

Buying an air conditioner on EMI will not affect your credit score. However non payment of EMIs at the right time can affect the credit report.

Buying Carrier Midea air conditioners on EMI

Carrier Midea is one of the best air conditioner brands in the market. Its reliable and technologically air conditioning units are known to render optimal and superior cooling. There are different models available in different tonnages to suit the cooling needs of different rooms. All of the ACs are built with hybrid jet inverter technology and have smart air filters and anti-viral guards. Above all, you can now buy the ACs with on easy EMI option. 

Bottom Line:

You can choose between three choices if you are looking for a small ac for room. You can either choose between split ACs, window air conditioners that can be installed easily on window vents and floor-standing units. Portable floor ACs have casters at the base, and you can thus carry them from one space to another. All of these units can be found at Cmiestore, at an affordable cost and with high-performance warranties. 

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