Studying Abroad in Europe: 7 Tips For Every High School Student

Studying abroad requires careful planning. You can’t fly off to another country without the necessary documents and stay arrangements. As we said – you need a plan! 

Here’s the good news: you can enroll in foreign exchange programs. Now, the question is – Which country would you like to go to? Some high school students want to explore the United States, others want to explore the UK, but then there are some who have fallen in love with the idea of going for a foreign exchange program in Europe. 

Before you go for a study abroad program in Europe, there are a few tips you’d like to hear. No more faux pas, okay? 

Here’s a post that unravels the seven important tips for every high school student. Keep reading to know more! 

Why Europe, anyway? 

Europe is a beautiful destination. Whether it is an elderly couple or a young child, everyone loves to explore the off-beat and popular places. Europe is known for its rich history, intriguing architecture, and the multitude of languages. 

Many high school students are dreaming of going for a summer exchange program in Europe. It’s probably on their bucket-list already. They have seen Europe in movies, but now they want to experience it first-hand. 

There are many countries in Europe, so there is a chance you will get to learn something new. For example, a fashion student will have a great time in Milan. Athens and Rome would interest history enthusiasts. Paris may also be on your list if you want to study fashion later on. 

An unforgettable adventure awaits you in Europe. So, if you want to study abroad during high school, you can sign up for student exchange. It will be an unforgettable journey. But wait a minute! Find the seven tips below. 

The 7 Tips To Keep in Mind Before You Go For a Summer Exchange 

#1 Consider Living with a Host Family 

If you want to study abroad during high school, consider living with a host family. This will help you understand the culture and learn the local language quickly. It will make you feel like you’re home with your people. 

Most of these host families make you feel comfortable. If there are any struggles, they will help you out. These host families provide meals so you will get an authentic taste too. This temporary family could become your forever family too. 

#2 Don’t Plan Everything Ahead of Time 

When going to Europe, don’t plan the tickets for traveling within the country or city and other aspects too much ahead of time. 

Everyday will be exciting and you can always hop on and off a bus to explore the city. Maybe you will find a cute market a few blocks away from the host’s home. Maybe you will find a good library nearby. So, don’t plan the cities or places you want to visit when traveling to Europe. 

#3 Try Out the Famous Street Foods Before You Leave

When in Europe, you will go to different countries. Try out the local dishes, learn how to cook them, and taste everything. This is an experience you should not miss. 

No, we are not talking about fast foods. For example, Paris has some of the best bakeries. A croissant and a cup of coffee would be a great breakfast option. Spain has churros and Patata bravas that fill you up and satiate your cravings. Go authentic – go cheap! 

#4 Head to the Local Markets For Shopping 

Cooking at home is the best bet if you are trying to save money. Summer exchange or foreign exchange programs do not last for a very long time. You can visit the local grocery stores or market to purchase cheap groceries. Cook at home or ask your host to teach you some local dishes. 

#5 Rely on Group Travel Passes 

Going to Athens from Paris can be cheap if you get the right airline deal. But there is another option of group travel pass. You can also get local trains or bus tickets for some of the destinations. 

When you reach the destination, you can opt for a walking tour to explore the city or town. Walking tours are free, or in case they are guided, they won’t cost much. 

#6 Make New Friends and Share Costs 

If you want to know how to save money while you are in Europe, do everything together. You will make friends in Europe, so meal costs and travel costs can be shared. You can go solo, but there is always an opportunity to make life-long friends. 

#7 Purchase Local Transportation Pass 

There is an excellent train network in Europe. Everything is connected by bus or train, so  you can sit in one and explore all the great places. 

Did you know that cities offer discounted bus and train passes for students? You can check with the foreign exchange program advisor about these passes. 

Summing Up 

These were the seven tips you need to keep in mind before heading to Europe for a foreign exchange program. 

Make sure you make the most of your summer exchange trip during high school!

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