Five Myths About Polycystic Ovary Syndrome You Should Know

Medical conditions can change your life. You try to avoid the doctor as much as possible, but once an illness is diagnosed, you want to know more about it. 

Let’s talk about a common health condition today. You may have heard about PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome. Women with PCOS suffer from a hormonal imbalance and have metabolism issues. 

These days many women are talking about this condition because it has life-altering effects. But the good news is you can consult for homoeopathic treatment for PCOS

Now that you’re here, allow us to share the five myths related to PCOS. That’s right! Many people are being fed lies about PCOS, so you should know the truth. 

Let’s bust those myths now! 

#1 Myth: You Caused It

You should know that the specific cause of PCOS is still unknown, but you are not the one to be blamed for the condition. But yes, genetics could be a reason. You can blame it on another person in your family, but that’s also not entirely true. 

A woman’s body may have a small number of male hormones called androgens, but as they increase, you start getting PCOS symptoms such as facial hair growth, delayed periods, and much more. 

Women who have PCOS will have excess estrogen or female hormones, but it is the large number of androgens that causes the symptoms. If you have women in the family, such as a mother or grandmother who had PCOS, it is possible that they passed it. As they say, it may be running in the family. 

#2 Myth: Losing Weight Will Help Cure PCOS 

PCOS can be managed but not cured. In fact, losing weight will not help to treat the health condition. Yes, you can manage PCOS by losing all the extra weight, but there is no cure for PCOS. 

Even a homoeopathic doctor will tell you about the lifestyle changes that can help manage the health condition. They will endorse the idea of regular exercise and healthy eating. 

Gynaecologists suggest birth control pills, but the problem is that you must have them every day. You need to remember the pill time and not miss it for 21-24 days. In case you miss the pills (about three in a row), you may get breakthrough bleeding. 

So, perhaps, going to a homoeopathic doctor will be very helpful for you. There are some risks associated with having birth control pills for a long time. Losing weight is not a miracle – you will manage PCOS, but unfortunately, there’s no cure for it. 

#3 Myth: PCOS Doesn’t Happen to Everyone

That’s a bit harsh, isn’t it? Many women suffer from PCOS. Some of the cases are undiagnosed. In the U.S., about five million women are going through PCOS. In India, the condition is fairly common too. Some cases go undiagnosed, and others are aware of the consequences and symptoms. 

So, don’t start thinking it is a rare health condition. You have it – there are many other women who have it. Visit a homoeopathic doctor—they will let you know how common it is in India. 

#4 Myth Pregnancy Isn’t Possible With PCOS 

WRONG! This is not true for everyone. You have to speak with a homoeopathic doctor or a gynaecologist. Only the experts can let you know what is happening with your body. 

It is hard to get pregnant when you have PCOS, but don’t start thinking that it is impossible. There are medications and natural treatments for this condition, and you can conceive too.

#5 Myth: PCOS Is Most Common in Overweight Women

While it’s true that women with obesity may suffer from PCOS, but the trouble is obesity can make the symptoms of PCOS worse. It can affect a perfectly healthy woman too. 

A thin woman may develop PCOS and gain weight during this phase. So, it is untrue that only obese women get PCOS. Once again, you are not the only one who is suffering from PCOS. Women of any shape or size can get it. 

Summing Up 

We hope this article helped you understand some truths about PCOS. 

So, meet a homoeopathic doctor soon and figure out the treatment options. Even though PCOS cannot be cured, you still have the hope of managing the symptoms and leading a stress-free life. 

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