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Who is Danny Masterson? Whether you’re a fan of his work on That ’70s Show or have been following the recent controversies surrounding him, there’s no denying that Danny Masterson has left an indelible mark in the entertainment industry. From his early beginnings to his rise to fame, this talented actor and musician has captivated audiences with his charm and talent. In this blog post, we will delve into the life and career of Danny Masterson, exploring both his professional achievements and personal controversies. So sit back, relax, and let’s discover who exactly is Danny Masterson!

Early life and career

Danny Masterson, born on March 13, 1976, in Albertson, New York, is an American actor and DJ. Growing up in a family of actors, it’s no surprise that Masterson found his passion for performing at a young age.

From the moment he stepped onto the stage as a child actor, Masterson showed immense talent and dedication. He honed his skills through various acting classes and auditions until he landed his breakthrough role in the hit television series “That ’70s Show” at just 21 years old.

As Steven Hyde on “That ’70s Show,” Masterson became a household name. His portrayal of the rebellious yet lovable character won over audiences worldwide. The show catapulted him into stardom and opened doors for other acting opportunities.

Beyond “That ’70s Show,” Masterson continued to make his mark in Hollywood with roles in films such as “Face/Off” and “The Bridge to Nowhere.” He also made guest appearances on popular TV shows like “Hawaii Five-0” and “White Collar.”

Aside from acting, music has always been an important part of Masterson’s life. In addition to being an accomplished DJ under the moniker DJ Mom Jeans or simply DJ D-Mac, he co-founded the independent record label called Broke Mogul Records.

Masterson’s early life shaped him into the talented actor and musician he is today. With hard work, determination, and undeniable talent, he continues to leave his mark on both industries while captivating audiences around the world with every performance.

That ’70s Show

That ’70s Show was a popular sitcom that aired from 1998 to 2006. Set in the fictional town of Point Place, Wisconsin, the show followed a group of teenagers as they navigated the ups and downs of adolescence in the 1970s.

One of the standout characters on That ’70s Show was Steven Hyde, played by Danny Masterson. Hyde was known for his rebellious nature, sarcastic wit, and iconic afro hairstyle. He quickly became a fan favorite with his dry sense of humor and laid-back attitude.

Masterson’s portrayal of Hyde showcased his talent for comedic timing and delivery. His chemistry with the rest of the cast, including Topher Grace, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Laura Prepon, and Wilmer Valderrama contributed to the show’s success.

Throughout its eight-season run, That ’70s Show tackled various themes such as friendship, love, family dynamics, and coming-of-age experiences. The series resonated with audiences who enjoyed reminiscing about their own teenage years or getting a glimpse into what life was like during that era.

Despite ending over a decade ago,” That ’70s Show continues to maintain a dedicated fan base through syndication and streaming platforms. The show is often praised for its nostalgic charm and relatable characters.

Overall,’ That ’70s Show remains an important part of television history thanks to its talented ensemble cast led by actors like Danny Masterson who brought their characters to life with authenticity and humor

Personal life

Danny Masterson was born on March 13, 1976, in Long Island, New York. Growing up in a family of actors and musicians, it’s no surprise that he found his passion for performing at a young age.

In his personal life, Danny has been known to keep things private. He married actress Bijou Phillips in 2011 and the couple has since welcomed their daughter together. However, they prefer to keep their family life out of the spotlight.

Outside of his acting career, Danny is also an avid practitioner of Scientology. He has been involved with the Church since childhood and remains dedicated to its teachings.

Despite maintaining a relatively low profile when it comes to personal matters, Danny is often seen supporting various charitable causes. He believes strongly in giving back and using his platform for good.

While much about Danny Masterson’s personal life may remain undisclosed to the public eye, it is evident that he values privacy alongside his dedication to both acting and philanthropy.


Controversy has followed Danny Masterson throughout his career, with several allegations of sexual assault and rape brought against him. These accusations have not only tarnished his reputation but also led to the cancellation of his popular Netflix show, “The Ranch.”

In 2017, four women came forward accusing Masterson of rape, which allegedly occurred in the early 2000s. Despite these serious allegations, it wasn’t until two years later that he was formally charged with three counts of rape by force or fear. The legal proceedings are still ongoing.

These disturbing revelations have had a significant impact on Masterson’s career and personal life. He has been dropped by various talent agencies and faced public backlash from fans and colleagues alike.

It is important to note that Masterson has consistently denied all allegations against him and maintains his innocence. His supporters argue that he should be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Regardless of the outcome of the legal case, it is clear that this controversy has left a lasting impact on Danny Masterson’s career trajectory. Only time will tell how this situation will unfold as justice takes its course.


Danny Masterson has an impressive filmography that spans over two decades. He began his acting career at a young age and quickly made a name for himself in the industry. With roles in both film and television, Masterson has proven to be a versatile actor.

One of his early breakout roles was in the 1998 film “Slackers,” where he played the character of Dickie Roberts. This comedic role showcased Masterson’s talent for delivering witty one-liners and capturing audiences with his charismatic presence.

In addition to his work on the big screen, Masterson has also had success on television. Most notably, he starred as Steven Hyde in the hit sitcom “That ’70s Show.” His portrayal of Hyde, the rebellious stoner teenager with a heart of gold, endeared him to fans around the world.

After “That ’70s Show,” Masterson continued to make waves in Hollywood with appearances in various TV shows such as “Men at Work” and “The Ranch.” These roles allowed him to showcase his comedic timing and ability to bring depth to complex characters.

Masterson’s filmography is diverse, ranging from comedy to drama. It includes films like “Yes Man” alongside Jim Carrey and even delves into horror with movies like “The Bridge Partner.” This versatility demonstrates Masterson’s range as an actor and his willingness to take on challenging projects.

As an artist who constantly pushes boundaries, Danny Masterson continues to expand his filmography with each new project he takes on. Whether it’s through comedy or drama, he consistently delivers performances that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

From breakout roles in cult classics like “That ’70s Show” to critically acclaimed films like “Dracula 2000,” Danny Masterson’s filmography showcases not only his talent but also reflects his passion for storytelling through acting. As fans eagerly anticipate what comes next for this talented actor, it’s clear that his filmography will only continue to grow and impress


In addition to his acting career, Danny Masterson also has a passion for music. He is a talented DJ and producer, known by his stage name DJ Mom Jeans. Under this moniker, he has released several albums and performed at various clubs and music festivals around the world.

Some of his notable musical works include the album “Pretend You Love Me” (2009) and the single “Cool as Hell” (2013). His unique blend of indie rock, electronic beats, and catchy melodies have garnered him a dedicated fan base in the music industry.

Danny Masterson’s journey from child actor to successful Hollywood star has been filled with ups and downs. From his breakout role on “That ’70s Show” to his controversial personal life, he has certainly made headlines throughout his career.

Despite the controversy surrounding him, there’s no denying Danny Masterson’s talent as an actor and musician. His charisma on screen captivated audiences for years, while his passion for music allowed him to explore another creative outlet.

While it’s unclear what lies ahead for Danny Masterson professionally or personally, one thing is certain – he has left an indelible mark on both the entertainment industry and fans around the world.

Whether you know him as Steven Hyde or DJ Mom Jeans, Danny Masterson will always be remembered as a multifaceted artist who brought joy to millions through his performances.

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